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Creating excellent spreadsheets using the SAFER principles

The Safer Principles are summarised in the following chart. AS an accountant I also like to link this to key accounting principles (as described in the 2017 draft update of the IASB Conceptual Framework Update): For more detail see Using

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Weighted Average Using SumProduct()

A business will frequently want to know whether its Profits, Sales etc are growing or declining. This can be a difficult question to answer when results are variable and sometimes even a good chart doesn’t help.  Additionally,  it is useful

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Charts: Tips to Create Excellent Charts

A long standing saying is that pictures paint a thousand words.  A chart is one form of a picture and in Excel charts are one of the best tools for communicating information, particularly as a key component of a dashboard.   They can get

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Linking files – some do’s and don’ts

Linking files is a useful feature in Excel but needs to be used with care. I recently had to develop a model for a client where data held in a single workbook and used to feed many other workbooks for

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Useful Excel Hacks

I keep a examples of useful excel hacks that I have created or discovered.  These are all things that I have actually used.  They generally require advanced or expert knowledge to create but are easy enough to understand if explained.  These

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SAFER spreadsheet building

Use to the SAFER method to create excellent spreadsheet models: S – Structured i.e. constructed in a logical and orderly manner A – Appropriate i.e. fit for purpose as specified by client/user F – Flexible i.e. capable of handling reasonably

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Excel – Ten Useful Tips

These are ten useful tips at varying knowledge levels (I’ve indicated the knowledge level in italics in brackets for each point: basic, intermediate, advanced and expert).  These are all things I have recently used and/or explained in response to training

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My Latest Excel Top Tips

This  website is about getting the best from excel so here are some top tips for this week: Use data validation to control entries in cells  – the dialog box is found on the data ribbon.  The ‘list’ option is

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