Double Dynamic Named Ranges in Excel

I had a spreadsheet with a long list of products (just under 300) each of which was tagged to a brand grouping.  Some of the brand groupings could have 35 individual products. I wanted to give the user a way of first selecting the brand and then selecting one of the products within the brand.

The solution I came up with was to use two data validation boxes

  • The first data validation list allowed the user to select the brand using the dynamic range name ‘Brand’  see dynamic range names for more on creating these)
  • The second data validation allowed the user to select the product.  The challenge for this was to create a list that varied with the brand being selected from the first data validation selection.  In the define name dialogue box I came up with the following formula to be entered in the range box:
  • Some points of explanation:
    • $c$4 is where I had the brand selection
    • $C$7:$C$300 is the column in the data with the brand tagging
    • the ADDRESS(6+MATCH(Sheet1!$C$4,Sheet1!$C$7:$C$300,0),4) part of the formula creates a text address which is used by the INDIRECT() as the starting point for the offset. The Match() part of this identifies where the selected brand starts.

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