Useful Maths Formulas

Useful Maths formulas

Excel uses the normal operators of addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division(/), Greater than (>), Less than (<) and power(^).  Brackets are also used in the normal mathematical way i.e. items within the brackets are calculated first.

There are many mathematical formulas in Excel but the ones I find the nost useful are:

  • SUM(): a very basic formula that adds up the values in a set or sets of cells
  • AVERAGE():a very basic formula that averages the values in a set or sets of cells
  • SUBTOTAL(): Creates subtotals and totals for as range of mathematical and statistical formulas. It ignores any values in the specified ranges that are created by other subtotal formulas
  • RANDBETWEEN() : generates random numbers between 2 specified numbers (which can be positive. The first number must be less than the second number.  It can be used to generate test data or results for excel games
  • SUMIFS(): adds numbers in a range of cells only of they meet given criteria – see separate page
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