Techie Stuff – Formulas

Some Technical Stuff: Formulas and Techniques

My Clients want to be able to update, alter and understand the models that I create. Therefore, I restrict the techniques and formulas to a limited set which cover all virtually all modelling needs:

  • Formulas – There are less than 50 formulas that I use and of these there about 12 that I use very frequently and 15 moderately often
  • Techniques –   A selection of items accessed from the menu ribbons
  • VBA: I avoid using VBA when creating models for clients as this tends to be the part of excel that far fewer people use or understand

This section covers the formulas used most frequently.  These are:

regular formulas 20160801

Using these formulas on their own or in combination will help provide solutions to a wide range of excel challenges.  I’ve included some screen shots to illustrate the use of formulas.

Excel modelling frequently involves the download of large amounts of data from main systems and the manipulation of this data.  Therefore, many of the examples in the formula section are illustrating the use with large volumes of downloaded data.


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